Updating a model group using replace-from-file

If a set of models has been updated but the order of the parameters in the group and the distribution of parameters between model files has not changed, there is an easy way to integrate the changes into PROspect.

  1. Copy the new models into the existing models folder.
  2. In the same folder, create a text file (replace.txt in this example) with a listing of the old and new model pairs, one per line as in the following example.
    GAS_OCT_old.cal GAS_OCT_new.cal
    GAS_OLEF_old.cal GAS_OLEF_new.cal
    GAS_RVP_old.cal GAS_RVP_new.cal
    GAS_SULF_old.cal GAS_SULF_new.cal
  3. In PROspect, go to Model Setup / Edit model list…
  4. Push the Replace from list… button and open replace.txt. A confirmation dialog box should confirm the number of models to replace. Push OK.

Any model groups that were using the old version of the model should now show the new version.

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