Remote Access Software Installation

Hamachi is used to establish a secure, encrypted VPN channel through the network. What this means is that computers across the internet will appear to each other to be on a local area network using the special 5.*.*.* IP address space. The initial connection is made using the Hamachi servers but after that there is a direct peer-to-peer connection. Typically no special firewall configuration is needed, just a standard internet connection.

Once the channel is established, a program called UltraVNC is used to allow the remote peer to see the local computer's desktop and transfer files back and forth. The local computer wishing to give access needs to be running the UltraVNC server. The remote client should be running the UltraVNC Viewer software.

Hamachi installation:

  1. Download Hamachi for Windows from to the local computer. The latest version as of 12/2008 is from Aug 18, 2008
  2. Double-click on the download to start the installation. Choose to Run if prompted 'Do you want to run this file?'
  3. Click through the first few pages of the installation.
  4. Options: Leave all at default settings except check box to “Create shortcut - Desktop
  5. Security: Check box to “Disable vulnerable Windows services”
  6. Install: Press Install, then Next when finished
  7. Press Finish. At this point it may reboot your computer to complete the installation
  8. After reboot, run Hamachi from desktop icon, and a welcome tutorial will come up
  9. Read through the tutorial until it asks you to click the Power button. This is in the lower left corner.
  10. Choose an appropriate Account Nickname
  11. Write down the new IP address (in the form 5.#.#.#)
  12. Continue through the tutorial until is asks you to join a network. Click the network button (triangle shape in the lower right). If you have received a network name and password from Process Instruments, click “Join existing network” and enter the network name and password.
  13. If you are creating a new network, choose Create a new network. Choose a unique network name that describes the purpose of the network, such as PII-YourCompany-Network. Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed. Send the information to Process Instruments so that they can join the same network.
  14. Close the quick guide. The Hamachi icon in the system tray (lower right of your windows desktop) should be three green dots indicating a good connection.
  15. Click on the Gear button (lower right) and choose Preferences. Go to Security and check the box “Block new network members by default”. This prevents unknown people from accessing your computer through Hamachi, even if they get the network name and password. When a known client from Process Instruments connects to your network you can unblock them by right-clicking on their name and removing the Block check mark.

UltraVNC installation:

  1. Download UltraVNC 1.0.5. Go to the UVNC Download Page and scroll down to the link called Win32 UltraVNC 1.0.5 Setup or just click on the Direct Download Link.
  2. Double-click on UltraVNC_105_Setup_W32.exe to start the installation
  3. Choose English, OK
  4. Welcome - Next
  5. License - Accept, Next
  6. Info - Next
  7. Destination - keep default installation folder (C:\Program Files\UltraVNC)
  8. Select Components - Full installation
  9. Start Menu - keep default (UltraVNC)
  10. Download Vista addons - no
  11. Download the mirror driver - no
  12. Select additional tasks
    • If you would like UltraVNC to run all the time check the first two boxes (Register and start system service).
    • If you would like to allow connections only when you manually start the UVNC server (recommended), check only the third box to Create UltraVNC desktop icons (optional). If you don't install a desktop icon you can run the UltraVNC server from the Programs menu on the Start button.
  13. Install
  14. Info - Next
  15. Finish
  16. If installed as a service, it will run automatically. Otherwise, run UltraVNC Server and you should see a blue eyeball icon appear in your lower-right system tray: UltraVNC tray icon
  17. Default properties dialog comes up automatically
  18. Set password to raman7943
  19. Click ok

3. You should now have green Hamachi icon (three dots in a triangle) and blue UltraVNC icon running in system tray (lower right). Contact me at PII (801.322.1235) and I will attempt to connect to your machine.

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