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 +As contact lens are currently widely used to individuals with problems on their eyesight, now there are different kinds of contracts that you could choose from. There may be daily disposables, daily contacts that you can use 7 days straight and also the monthly disposable ones. And yet quite a lot prefers the monthly disposable contact lens since they're comfortable to use and really cost-effective.
 +This is in addition to two more significant factors - reduced lens care and decreased possibilities of infection. These lenses tend to be thinner compared to the gas permeable ones and allow the eye to get more oxygen as well. Meaning less fatigue and far better sight for users. The monthly disposable contact lenses are often way more affordable when compared to daily disposable contact lenses.
 +If you plan to purchase monthly disposables you can consider any one of 3 usage patterns. In case you go for daily wear, the lenses can be worn for as much as 8 hours a day after which they need to be taken off particularly before you go to bed.
 +If you would not want the hassles for cleaning, removing as well as inserting the contacts, you could go in for a pair of extended or continuous wear contacts that could be worn continuously for that recommended period as specified by the manufacturer. That is a boon for those that have irregular waking hours and basically sleep schedules.
 +The monthly disposable contact lens can be used by just about anybody. When you have near or far sightedness, you can choose the correct lens power and get a pair right off the shelf. Newer varieties can also be found for astigmatism that really needs special custom made lenses.
 +In the event you have eyeglasses and require reading glasses as time goes by, you can also choose the multifocal contacts that the majority of manufacturers now make. You get great vision with longer lasting comfort when you buy these lenses. You can also do away with costly protein cleaning solutions since these lenses require only a basic level of care.
 +For monthly disposable contacts, try out [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji-H_-n1Hj0|AirOptix Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses]]. Optical Rooms at www.opticalrooms.ie  have these kinds of disposable contact lenses good for individuals who aren't fond of putting in and removing contacts because this can be worn for about a month.
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