PCI-COM RS-485 card installation

  1. Close PROspect and wait while the camera warms up for the Temperature Guardian dialog to go away.
  2. Don't insert the PCI card into the computer yet!
  3. Install the software from the included CD or PCI-COM 422-485 install folder. Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions. When it asks whether to install a shortcut for ComSet32 to the Startup folder, choose Yes.
  4. Shut down the computer and remove the lid. Turn off the computer power supply at the rear of the computer. Wait for the small green LED light on the motherboard to go off.
  5. Ground yourself by touching the metal computer case. Install the 485 card in an empty PCI slot.
  6. Restart the computer and Windows should prompt to install the drivers for the new board. There are typically XX items to install. At one point, you may have to browse to the CD or install folder and point it to mcsfiltr.sys.
  7. Now look in Device Manager under Ports. (Right-click My computer / Manage / Device Manager / Ports) You should see an entry called PCI-COM422/485 (COM#). Note the COM port number for this device.
  8. Open the Windows Control Panel (Start button / Settings / Control Panel) and look for an icon called PCIcom. Open this, go to the 485 Com port number, and uncheck Local Echo.
  9. Now set up PROspect for modbus. Run PROspect and go to File / Hardware Settings. Check Enable modbus output, then Setup modbus / Advanced. The serial port should be set to the serial port of the newly installed RS-485 card that you just noted. Slave node, Baud rate, Parity, Data bits, and Stop bits should be set to the same values as the DCS client you are connecting to.
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