Cleaning dust from lasers and spectrograph

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in lasers, cameras and other temperature-controlled devices limiting the effectiveness of the temperature control circuits. We recommend the following maintenance procedure be followed about once every six months to ensure the Raman equipment is operating properly.

  1. First stop the collection, close PROspect, and allow the camera to warm up.
  2. Turn off the laser key and power off the PI-200 instrument.
  3. Remove the lid from the spectrograph by using the thumb screws or a 5/64 hex key.
  4. Remove the lid from the laser(s) using a 5/64 hex key, exposing the electronics. Please do not open the inner laser cavity! Keep all laser connectors attached so that they are not contaminated with dust.
  5. Using compressed air, blow out the dust, paying particular attention to the heat sinks.
  6. Replace the laser lid(s) before continuing.
  7. Use compressed air to blow all the dust out of the Andor camera which is accessible at the rear of the instrument. (For the PI-200 lab instrument, the laser shelf should be removed and moved aside to allow access to the camera. This can be done without removing the cables.)
  8. Blow any remaining dust out of the instrument including the case fan and the power supply if possible.
  9. Replace the instrument lid and restart the system.
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