Backup PROspect settings

  1. Save the PROspect registry settings
    • Windows Start menu / Run
    • Type 'regedit' and push Enter
    • In the left pane, navigate to [My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Process Instruments\PROspect]
    • In the left pane, right-click on the PROspect folder and select Export
    • Choose a location to save the file and give it a .reg extension, ie. PROspectSettings.reg
  2. Save the PROspect Setup files
    • Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, navigate to [C:\Program Files\Process Instruments\PROspect]
    • Copy the entire Setup sub-folder to a location of your choice.
  3. Save PROspect models
    • Locate your current models folder. Often times this is located under [C:\PROspect\Models].
    • If you're unsure, open PROspect and choose File / Load new model setup…
    • The dialog box will open to your current model folder. This is the folder you want to save.
    • Copy the model folder to a location of your choice.

Transfer settings to a new computer

Important - PROspect is not designed to be run under multiple Windows login accounts. Please perform all installation steps under the same account that will be used to operate the system.

  1. Install PROspect on a new computer
    • Locate an installation CD, or download the latest version of the PROspect software from the PROspect download page
    • If installing from a CD, insert the CD to launch the installer. If it does not start automatically, run Setup.exe from the CD.
    • If installing from a downloaded file, first unzip it to the new computer. You should have a single PROspect.msi file.
    • Follow the instructions of the installation program.
    • During the install you will be prompted for your camera settings. In almost all cases, it is ok to leave the default settings (CCI-001 control card, DU-401 camera)
  2. Install the Andor camera driver.
    • Open device manager by right-clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop, then Properties / Hardware / Device Manager.
    • Look for an existing Andor driver already installed:
      • For systems with a PCI control card, look for a device called Andor / Andor PCI driver
      • For systems with a USB camera connection, look for a device called LibUSB-Win32 Devices / Andor iDus
    • If no existing driver is found, the Hardware Update wizard may launch automatically. If not:
      • Look for an unknown device with a yellow question mark. Right-click and Update driver
      • Choose to install from a specific location, and browse to the following folder as a driver search location: [C:\Program Files\Process Instruments\PROspect]
      • If installing from a CD, the Andor camera drivers are on the install CD as well. The Hardware wizard should be able to locate them automatically.
  3. Import PROspect registry settings
    • After the installation is finished, copy your PROspectSettings.reg file to the new computer. Double-click it and follow the prompts to add your saved PROspect settings to the registry
  4. Copy PROspect Setup folder
    • Copy the entire backed-up Setup folder to the new computer at the following path: [C:\Program Files\Process Instruments\PROspect]
  5. Copy model files
    • On the new computer, use Windows Explorer to create the following new directory: [C:\PROspect\Models]
    • Copy your saved models to a subfolder of Models
    • Open PROspect and do File / Load new model setup…
    • Navigate to your new models folder and load the appropriate model-setup file (*.mdb)
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