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There is a valve that is not too difficult to clean out. We have seen it become clogged with particulates once before and had the same kind of trickling out effect that you are seeing.

Be sure the auto-sampler is powered off. You do not need to remove the laser probe.

Take off the back panel of the auto-sampler being careful not to strip the screws.

As you look into the back, to the lower right, right by the waste output port is a small black air pump. Up and right of this a bit is the valve. It is mounted using two small screws on the front panel by the bottle racks. It has clear tubing going into and out of it via some small white Teflon connectors.

You will need to remove the 2 bolts holding it to the case, but you might be able to leave the tubing in place depending on how awkward it is to get into. You will be removing the 4 longer bolts holding the white plastic block from the solenoid. Be sure to note the orientation – draw an arrow on the cube going the same way as the arrow on the solenoid.

- Remove the 2 mounting screws with a 1/16” Hex key. Be careful to retain the small washers

- If necessary, remove the clear tubing by unscrewing the white Teflon connectors from the block. You can decide if you want to skip this step.

- Separate the block from the solenoid by removing the 4 screws that hold the assembly together. It is spring loaded, so keep the assembly together while you remove the 4 screws. Hold it horizontal as you pull the block out. There are small pins and a spring that can fall out if you let it so be sure you're working over a table. Look for particles on the membrane or in the little holes in the block. Give the block a bit of a rinse if you see anything.

- Put it back together in reverse order. Use the block to push the membrane and solenoid pin back in. If it won't go, the 2 internal pins are mis-aligned so you will have to pull it out to align it with the internal holes.

- Hold it together while you put in the 4 screws. Tighten them down in 1-3-2-4 order so that the block mounts parallel.

- Replace the tubing if necessary. Be sure to only hand-tighten the plastic fittings that hold the Teflon tubing into the block.

- Remount the valve to the case.

- You can open the auto-sampler diagnostics dialog to try out the pump times. In PROspect go to File \ Hardware Settings \ Setup autosampler \ Advanced. In the main box on the left, check the boxes called Also run pump and Also drop needle. Put a toluene bottle into a bottle position and click on that number to send the needle and pump it out. A little timer will run letting you know the pump timing. You should be pumping out a bottle of toluene in about 30 seconds.

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