A rough first attempt: troubleshooting steps for auto-sampler can't pierce septum.

0. Look at the needle tip and make sure it isn't bent. You should have a nice straight sharp point.

1. Open up the auto-sampler advanced dialog. File / Hardware Settings / Setup Auto Sampler / Advanced

2. You can use the numbered buttons to move the needle to the different bottle positions. Be sure to uncheck the two boxes below the buttons.

3. Move the needle over your bottle 1 and push the Move needle down button. If it doesn't pierce the septum, it should back and and try a second time before giving an error message. If there is an error it should show near the top of the dialog. Write it down for me.

4. If the needle does not back up for a second try, type the following line into the Send text command box and then hit Enter:


5. You should get back OK(1) if septum-piercing mode is turned on. If you get back a 0, send the following command to turn it on:


6. Try it on a few different septa…maybe you got a bad one first time? Also, check that your septa are not too thick. We recommend no thicker than .1”. The ones we use here are .09” silicon on top with .01” teflon on bottom.

7. Write down for me the 6 downward stroke parameters. You can just write the numbers in order from top to bottom and I'll know which are which.

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